Apr-Jun 2017 • Vol.56 no.2
When the Walk Gets Hard… and Harder!
When the Outcasts Meet the Forgotten Ones
Mission Starts at Home
Testimony of a Greek Christian
Confessions of a Former Perfectionist
A Wife’s Hearing

Jan-Mar 2017 • Vol.56 no.1
He Should be Dead… Twice!
My Recent Experience with God, the Almighty Orchestrator
A Glorious Calling
Galileo – A Christian of No Pretense
Sometimes Life Stinks

Oct-Dec 2016 • Vol.55 no.4
My Son is Transgender!
The Scar No One Sees
An Alcoholic’s Redemption
My Grandfather – Leaving a Legacy of Blessing
I’m Just an Ordinary Mama

Jul-Sep 2016 • Vol.55 no.3
Besides Still Waters: A Geophysicist’s Path
Passing the Drug Test!
Blessed in Sickness
Falling in Love with Jesus – Again!
What Are You Living For?

Apr-Jun 2016 • Vol.55 no.2
Science, Intellect, and the Rationale of Christian Faith
From the Cabbage Patch to Kathmandu
On the Way to Homeschooling
A Walk Through the Book of Romans
Kay’s Journey to Faith

Jan-Mar 2016 • Vol.55 no.1
My Cup Overflows
The Church in My Life
My Life in Retrospect – at Age 93
The Bet You Can’t Afford to Lose
Walls, Fences, College and Calling

Oct-Dec 2015 • Vol.54 no.4
Why Can’t Someone Else Go?
From gods to God
A Heart Attack that Changed Everything
The Hope of Haiti
My Darkest Valley
Last Words, Lasting Words A Tribute to Wally Yew

Jul-Sep 2015 • Vol.54 no.3
As Death Draws Near
Ebola Survivors Share Their Incredible Story
Deaf Man Teaching – Extraordinary Normal Life
Our Journey with Parkinson’s Disease
I Fell from the 18th Floor and Am Still Alive

Apr-Jun 2015 • Vol.54 no.2
Horror and Heartbreak, Half a World Away
A Broken & Restored Violin
A Witness of Genesis of Six Nobel Laureates
A Season for Laughter
Baby Hunger

Jan-Mar 2015 • Vol.54 no.1
Back to Life! A Mother and Daughter’s Story
Girl Meets Boy: The Bad and the Blessed
I am a Mom
My Beloved Autistic Grandson
Up From the Ashes

Oct-Dec 2014 • Vol.53 no.4
Paradise Found
Double Protection for All Who Live on Earth
A Present-day Exorcism
The Making of a Disciple
Finding Life’s Highest Value

Jul-Sep 2014 • Vol.53 no.3
The Gentleman Bank Robber
Adoption No-No’s
Out of Darkness and Into the Light
Going to the “Far End of the East”

Apr-Jun 2014 • Vol.53 no.2
Pregnant and Imprisoned
Delivered from Destroyer’s Hands
Humans Don’t Feed on Grass
Double Redemption
Crippled by Joy

Jan-Mar 2014 • Vol.53 no.1
Unfettered from Homosexuality
A Slow Trek to My Roots to Zi-li Village
One Huge Second Chance
A Glimpse of Hell
The Radio

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