Urban Mission

Vancouver CCM Centre

In 1999, the Crystal development project in Metrotown, Burnaby was made known to CCM Canada. With the generous support of many churches, the CCM Centre was built and started serving the community at the present location in September 2000. It occupies 13,000 sq. ft. on the 2nd floor of the Crystal Mall which is centrally located and easily accessible by public transportation. Inside the premises, we have a counseling centre, bookroom, youth centre, art gallery and multipurpose facilities for worship service, program for seniors, women, children and youth, video and movie as well as large-scale community and cultural activities.


Richmond Ministry

Richmond Ministry located in Richmond Public Market, starts its service in October, 2008. Ministries include serving the physical, social and spiritual needs of people of different age groups and from all walks of life. We provide bookroom, counselling and caring services, organize public seminars, group activities and educational programs.


Calgary CCM Centre

Since its inception in 1992, the Calgary CCM Centre (formerly called Calgary Service Centre) has been sharing the spirit of Christ’s love within the Chinese community. It has provided services to meet the needs of the Chinese, helped people to deal with problems in their lives, and attended to their spiritual needs.

In the early years, Calgary CCM Centre provided basic services for new immigrants such as settlement and referral information, English classes, citizenship classes, life skills seminars, and seniors’ teatimes. Later on, we added pre-school classes, after-school and summer tutoring, as well as children’s Bible classes. In 1998, with the donation of several computers, we began to offer computer skills courses.

In 1999, with the encouragement of a physician, we started a support group for parents who had children with special needs. It provided an opportunity for the parents to share their problems and to support each other. We were able to share the gospel with them so that, in their distress, they were directed to the light of Christ.

In 2001, following the example of several Toronto communities, we set up a cancer prevention and care fellowship. We are currently recruiting volunteers from churches to provide services for cancer patients and their families, with the hope of sharing the gospel.


Montreal CCM Centre

CCM Centre began its ministry in Montreal in April 1, 2003. There is approximately 57,000 Chinese in this city with 11 churches totally around 1,700 members. CCM Centre is one among 2 Chinese evangelical organizations here.


Toronto CCM Centre

The Toronto CCM Centre is located in Agincourt Mall in Scarborough, Ontario. It is in the heart of Greater Toronto, bordered by the cities of Toronto, Richmond Hill and Markham where many Chinese have settled. Scarborough itself is also populated by many recent immigrants from China and South Asia.

Agincourt Mall is adjacent to Wal-Mart which is located on its east side and a No Frills Supermarket on the south side. The owner of the mall has provided to CCM the rent-free unit for us to develop our outreach ministries. It starts to service on May 5, 2007. In this 9000 sq. ft. premises, it includes bookroom, art gallery, a multi-purpose hall and offices.