Literature Mission
(to the ends of the earth)

  • Provide free periodic magazines, such as “Chinese Today” and “Proclaim”, both written in Chinese; and Challenger for English readers.
  • For years, Chinese Today takes up the role as “silent missionary”, delivering gospel message through literature
  • Starting from 2004, Challenger became another evangelistic tool (English silent missionary), reaching the English-speaking friends through the life-changing testimonies published quarterly.
  • Publish Prayer & Praise to promote communication between readers and CCM so that prayers and support will be strengthened.
  • CCM Bookroom not only serves readers in local communities, but also serve those in rural areas with online bookroom.


How well do you know about “Chinese Today” ?

This monthly magazine contains real life stories from the authors whose lives are changed by God. Sometimes they tell us how they have met God, by putting their faith in Him. Or, they will tell us how God walks with them during the lowest valley of their lives. It also contains articles on Christian faith. It is suitable for faith-seekers, non-believers and Christians. We encourage you to recommend it to others.

  • “Chinese Today” was first published in 1962.
  • It was originally named as “Chinese Christian Today”.
  • Right now distribution is over 400,000 copies, reaching different countries around the world.
  • There are three different editions of “Chinese Today”, which are North America, Taiwan & Singapore.
  • It is a free subscription magazine, supported by Christians’ donation.
  • During the last few decades, it has led many to Christ.


Donate to Support “Chinese Today”

  CCM Canada needs to pay $10,000 every month on the literature expenses.
  It costs only $25 for one year subscription.
If you are willing to support our literature expenses, please go to Support Us.