Montreal Counselling Service

No matter which stage of life we are at, we may encounter all kinds of difficulties and stressful situations. At times, our problems seem so big that we feel overwhelmed, unbearable, lonely, and helpless. Some of the possible problems we face are family or marital crisis, unemployment, relationship dilemma, conflict between generations, unexpected illnesses and accidents, loss of loved ones, emotional breakdown, anxiety, low self-esteem, and addictions, etc. Professional counseling is able to provide us with the appropriate guidance and help so we can better cope with these struggles.

CCM Family Enrichment and Counselling Services

The CCM Family Enrichment and Counseling Services Team was formed by a group of registered family and marriage therapists, experienced and registered social workers, and pastors at the beginning of 2009. It is part of CCM Montreal Centre caring ministry. The goal is to provide individual, marital, and family counseling services that are tailored to the culture of the Chinese community and to promote a healthy physical and inner life.

1. Individual Counselling
Self-esteem, Emotions, Interpersonal relationships, Education and career goals, Adaptation to changes, etc.
2. Marital Counselling
Dating, Pre-marital counselling, Marital relationships, Lost marriage, Second marriage, etc.
3. Family Counselling
Communications between generations, Parenting, Empty nest, etc.
4. Family Resource and Support Education
Educational and topical workshop and activities, such as understanding depression, discovering the gifts of children, caring for sick family member, improving marital relationships, stress management, etc.
5. Referral
If needed, the recipient is referred to the related organizations and agents, such as family doctor, psychologist, social worker, financial agent, and other organizations, etc.

Counselling Schedule

Services are provided upon appointment. In the event of changing or cancellation of appointment, the office needed to be notified 24 hours in advance, otherwise, charges as one visit applies.

Fees for the Service

Free for the first two visits. After that, each visit will be charged* according to individual or family income
*All CCM counselors provide professional services as volunteers. All collected fees are used for the daily operation of CCM


All information provided and conversations during sessions will be kept confidential according to the principles of professional counselling.

For Further Information

Please contact CCM Montreal Centre (Centre de la Mission Chrétienne Chinoise)
Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
Phone: 514-878-3113
Address: 1012 Clark, Montreal, QC, H2Z 1J9